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Unity Grove Allotment is the largest allotment site within Harrogate.  The allotment is run on a self-administered association basis by a small committee of volunteers, on behalf of Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) and its members.  Because we are such a large site, with almost 200 plot holders, the committee are always looking for additional volunteers and there are many ways plot holders can get involved. 

For example, the committee sometimes co-opt roles on to the committee to help maintain the allotment site. Unity Grove also holds regular working parties to tackle jobs, either to assist individual plot holders or to maintain community common areas.

Although Unity Grove Allotments is self-administered, we do have obligations to fulfil, and HBC inspect us once a year to ensure the site is being kept in good order. Committee members liaise with HBC over various matters and they are responsible for making sure that plot holders are kept fully informed of all relevant information, so that everyone is aware of issues affecting their allotment site and to ensure that they remain safe whilst growing their allotment garden.

The elected committee currently consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, site manager, and plot lettings manager. There are also co-opted committee members who, together with the committee are responsible for site maintenance, running the site shop, coordinating the chicken cooperative, and two social secretaries, who in normal times will have responsibility for coordinating social events.

Members of the committee are elected by plot holders, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). We hold our AGMs in November each year. All plot holders are invited to attend and vote on important decisions and hear reports from various committee members.   

The committee endeavours to maintain the common areas, including on site access paths, verges and hedges. Plot holders are responsible for maintaining the paths surrounding their individual plots. 

The committee communicates and meet regularly to make decisions regarding the efficient management of the site and to respond to issues and emergencies, i.e. flooding, theft and vandalism. During Covid-19, although the committee have been unable to meet face to face, they have continued to consult and share decision making.  

They also monitor plot usage and write to plot holders who are not maintaining acceptable standards on their plots or maintaining the paths adjacent to their plots; in addition to responding to issues related to the health & safety of everyone using the site.  

The current elected committee members as of November 2020 are:

Phil Jarvis, Chairman, plot 34a & 34b 

Jean Jarvis, Secretary, plot 33a

Helena Parkinson, Treasurer, plot 80

Sam Ward, Letting Manager, plot 20b & 30

Gary Pattinson, Site Manager, plot 41b

The committee is happy to respond to any comments or questions you may have and are ready to help wherever possible. 

You can contact the committee via the secretary by e-mailing  unitygroveallotments@gmail.com 



Constitution & Rules

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