Chicken Cooperative

The Chicken Cooperative was formed 10 years ago and we are now on our fourth batch of chickens. We built the coop on an unusable plot and extended into the paddock area a couple of years later. There are always 7 members, each responsible for the chickens on a regular day of the week. On their day, that member will replenish the feed pellets (and add treats like porridge, bread, greens etc). Fill the container with fresh water and let the chickens out into the paddock. Later they will return and get the chickens back into their fox-proof enclosure. All the eggs laid that day can be taken home and we keep a log book to record the number of eggs and any matters of concern for the other members. Members in the Chicken Cooperative pay subs of £5 per month to pay for food pellets and incidentals.

In normal times we meet once a month to give the coop a thorough clean and spray with disinfectant. The nesting boxes are lined with fresh bedding and all containers cleaned. Under the current restrictions these jobs are being done individually. We usually have a Christmas meal together and meet for brunch at a  farm café, run by the farmer who supplies our chickens. 


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The chickens always appreciate the generosity of plot holders, who bring donations of green leaf vegetables for a tasty treat. But there are some fruits and vegetable that chickens should not be fed. I've attached a link so that you can find out what's good and what's not. However, if you haven't got time to read the whole article, veg that should be particularly avoided include potatoes and onions, as these are poisonous to chickens. Chickens enjoy apples, but the pips should be removed as these are also poisonous to chickens.

At their peak our 12 chickens each lay one egg per day, so a dozen eggs can be an excellent reward for those on the chicken cooperative rota!


There is a waiting list for plot holders who would like to join our group. To add your name to the waiting list, please contact Margaret Smith, Coordinator for the group, by clicking the 'Join the Chicken Cooperative Waiting List button below.